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Quotes Bought my Click-Click Bang T Shirt and wore it in a shopping centre in Sydney over Christmas. The area was predominantly muslim. I didn't get any comments but did manage to get some funny looks. The Shopping centre was full of them! Thanks for a great shirt and I have now passed on your website to other keen Vietnam Vets. Quotes
Ralph-Vietnam Vet 69-70 (Australia-If you don't love it, Leave!)
"Click Click Bang - T shirt

Quotes There is a Bakery in Poulsbo, Wa that refused service to us because of our Infidel hats, even after I explained that I was a 100 % disabled Vet from Desert Storm!!! I told them they should go ahead and move their bakery to downtown Baghdad because I will never spend another AMERICAN dollar there!!! Keep up the Great work!!! Quotes

Quotes Infidel Caps is one of the true originators of the now popular infidel gear. Their customer service and customer communication is second to none! I felt their number one priority is their customers! E, Chicago, Illinois Quotes
E, Chicago, Illinois

Quotes "I want to thank you for the very quick reply and solution to the ordering problem. I must say I think this is probably the best and most definitely the quickest customer service I have ever received from anywhere." M. Newman, Washington. Quotes
M. Newman
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I was in Hawaii when some one came up to me & told me that "Wearing something like that would offend Muslims & would make me a target." I told him that "You and I are already targets. I just recognize it & you don't." - Interestingly, he wasn't amused by my reply! Go figure. Quotes

Quotes Awesome hat worthy of any true patriot and supporter of our freedom maintainers! Great quality and appearance. Definitely turns heads! Liked it so much I ordered one for my old man. Thanks! Quotes
happy customer

Quotes A review of our Infidel "Click-Click Bang" Cap done by Stickman. Very glad you liked the cap, Stickman. I doubt the "attractive women" were looking at the cap. Quotes
Military Times Review
"Click Click Bang"

Quotes I am VERY impressed with the quality of my Infidel Cap as well as the OUTSTANDING customer service here! I will be ordering another soon because I am going to wear this cap until it's nothing but a few threads left on my head. Thanks Infidel Caps, and keep up the great work!!! Quotes
Billy BaconEater
VERY Satisfied Customer

Quotes At Infidel Caps, we believe in freedom of speech. Please feel free to post your comments on any topic here. Quotes
Infidel Caps
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