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Infidel Caps Patch Case

    After we had the first one made custom, back in February and using it for several shows, we introduced it to our friends at Mil-Spec Monkey . With their additions in mind, we went to Tactical Tailor and presented the idea to their design team. After a more additions and design tweaks, they went into production. We are now very happy to introduce the Infidel Caps Patch Case .

   When closed, the case resembles a covert weapon case measuring 15”H x 29”L x 1.5”W, a 3” x 5” Velcro Loop panel on the front and back for name tapes and other patches, dual zipper’s and carry handles.

   When unzipped, you find 3 zippered pockets, one larger and two smaller for paperwork, additional patch storage, etc.

   When fully unfolded, it covers an area of 29” x 94”(2,726 sq. in.). Each of the 6 internal panels of Velcro Loop measure 15” x 28”(420 for a total of 2,520 square inches of usable patch space. Each case has a total of 10 grommets, 5 across the top and 5 across the bottom, to hang on your wall or on the edge of your show table. If you prefer, it fits quite nicely on any standard 8 foot table.

   The perfect option for your growing patch collection or for those who sell patches at local shows. While numbers will vary based on patch size, we have had as many as 484 patches on the panel at one time. Currently available in both Black and Coyote Brown. 

Major League MILF Decal

In Stock Now.

Just for the Mom's out there. We hope to see them displayed Proudly 



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